Black Virgin Mountain in Tay Ninh Province. 
Vietnam, 1970 Nixon's Inauguration, January 1973, Washington, D.C. Anti-War demonstrator arrested, Washington, D.C. Sister Elizabeth McAlister, one of the "Harrisburg Seven" at an Anti-War demonstration in
Washington, DC. Actor Donald Sutherland in background. Sister Elizabeth eventually married Father Phillip Berrigan, leader of the group William Kunstler, Civil Rights and Anti-War activist and lawyer.
Washington, DC Singer and Anti-War activist, Joan Baez
Washington, DC Daniel Ellsberg, author of The Pentagon Papers. Rene Davis and David Dellinger, Washington, DC Pro-War counter demonstrator, Washington, DC Pro-War counter demonstrator, Washington, D,C, Senator George McGovern at a gathering at the home of Casper Weinberger (right), 
Washington, DC Street scene, Washington, DC Former Alabama Governor George Wallace survived an assassination attempt in 1972. He later renounced his segregationist views. Chuck Berry, 1971
Chapel Hill, NC Tupelo, Mississippi Tupelo, Mississippi Memphis, Tennessee Tupelo, Mississippi Route 100, Virginia Sam Bell, Farmer
Dublin, Virginia Chef, Southern Crescent Joan Baez Senator Sam Ervin, N.C. John Kerry with ribbons John Kerry Washington, DC Washington, DC