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Robin has been a professional photographer for nearly 50 years and was a contract photographer for Time Magazine for 16 years in Asia, Middle East and USA. 

After receiving a BA from the University of North Carolina in Communications (Motion Pictures), Robin began his career working as a cameraman for UPITN/ITV in Vietnam covering the Cambodian Invasion in 1970.


While working for TIME Magazine he received many awards for his work in Asia and the Middle East, among them: World Press Photo Premier Award and the Robert Capa Gold Medal Citation from the Overseas Press Club, both for his work for TIME on the war in Lebanon. Between 1982 and 1998 he carried out a wide range of assignments for Time, including special coverage in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation and leading teams of photographers during the Philippine Revolt in 1986, the Seoul Olympics in 1988, and covering the visit of Gorbachev to Beijing in 1989 which led to the Tian An Men incident. Over the years he has made special portraits of the political and business leaders of Southeast Asia, producing nearly 20 covers for Time. Among them: Lee Kwan Yew, Mahathir Mohamed, Aung San Suu Kyi, Fidel Ramos, Corazon Aquino, Stan Shen (ACER), Li Ka-shing. Kim Dae Jung, Kim Young Sam and Deng Xiao Ping.



He has worked on assignment for many other publications, among them: Life, Fortune, People, Newsweek, The Far Eastern Economic Review, Paris Match, The London Sunday Times Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, New York Magazine and many others.


His corporate work is represented by Debby Brown & Associates in New York @